Sacramento is at a crossroads. We are experiencing unprecedented housing prices and an unacceptable number of our neighbors are homeless. We also have opportunities to lead on climate and help our small businesses thrive. I’m running because I think this is the right time for Sacramento to show that it is possible to preserve our communities while creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Increase Accountability to the Community

  • Make city spending more transparent
  • Establish strong police oversight
  • Strengthen community engagement and decision-making

Confront the Housing and Homelessness Crisis

  • Stop the increase in homelessness through rent stabilization and fair eviction policies
  • Increase our affordable housing stock

Lead on Climate Change

  • Keep Sacramento the City of Trees
  • Reduce emissions and transition to 100% renewable energy
  • Expand and modernize public transportation options

Invest in our Future

  • Advocate for fiscal responsibility
  • Increase living-wage jobs
  • Invest in our neighborhoods and create business opportunities