Sacramento is at a crossroads. We are experiencing unprecedented housing prices and an unacceptable number of our neighbors are homeless. We also have opportunities to lead on climate and help our small businesses thrive, and get more people engaged in local policies and budgets. I’m running because I think this is the right time for Sacramento to show that it is possible to preserve our communities while creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Combining feedback from hundreds of residents with my policy and community organizing experience, I’ve developed my Platform 4 Sacramento. Read more here.

My path to seeking to represent District 4 on Sacramento City Council began with my father. He was a Vietnam Veteran who devoted his career to helping other veterans get the services and support they needed. He taught me to serve my community and fight for what’s right, inspiring me to study community development at UC Davis.

My service-driven career has taken me down many roads. At a civil rights law firm I helped a statewide coalition of students and parents conduct advocacy to improve education in California. I helped form the Sacramento Urban Agriculture Coalition, and partnered with neighborhood groups looking to engage in local planning decisions that would impact their community. Eventually, I was appointed to the California Environmental Justice Advisory Committee, and started my own small consulting practice.

Two years ago, I went to work at the Capitol for the new Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Policies. I am currently the Policy & Political Director for the California Environmental Justice Alliance. In my spare time, I serve on the incorporating board for the new Sacramento Community Land Trust.  

I moved to Sacramento ten years ago and fell in love with this City. I have chosen to make Sacramento my home, and I’m ready to fight for my community. Together we can make Sacramento a city for all of us.